“Protect your back”

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An original result of more than thirty years of scientific and medical practice of Dr. Bersenev was the release of the book “Protect your back. Thirty-three misfortunes of spine. How to protect yourself from them? How to get rid of them? “

Only one case out of 300 is the cause for spinal surgery. The remaining 299 patients should be put on their feet conservatively, without the aid of a scalpel. The methods of treatment to the development and implementation of which into practice the author has devoted nearly forty years are a guarantee of this fact. But the patient must make his own part of this healing journey. Especially in the aspect of disease prevention. In the words of a modern classic: “To save a drowning person it’s not enough to lend him a hand – it is necessary that he should lend his in response.” The author states: osteochondrosis can be totally avoided with elementary safety rules being followed.

How to protect yourself from getting sick? What to do if you still are not able to protect yourself? What methods of treatment and prevention are preferable? Dr. BERSENEV tried to answer these and many other questions in this book.

And as usual, all the books of the author published by the International Charitable Foundation of Dr. Bersenev are available for you for free at:

The Institute of Pain
Kiev. Str. Lysenko, 1
+38 (044) 238 22 31, +38 (044) 238 22 33

Bersenev Medical Center
Kiev, Vladimirskaya Str., 49A
+38 (044) 569 98 40



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