Actions and programs of the fund

«Programme of the orphanage’s Care Assistance»

Already traditionally, within the bounds of the Programme of the orphanage’s Care Assistance , in December 2017, with the assistance of a few participants of Fund and with the support of the Sherwood Forest Club restaurant complex, as well as thanks to not indifferent citizens, the Foundation had held an annual charity event.
The main goal of this year’s campaign was a purchase of medicines, which are much-needed in the autumn-winter period for orphan children are living in a child institution of the socio-psychological rehabilitation in Tarascha, Kyiv region.
It is such a kind of help is now very much needed for an orphanage, because everyone knows how much costs a visit to the pharmacy is today.
And thanks to the help of the non-indifferent Ukrainians, whom we express our recurring gratitude, means have been collected, the medicines have been bought and sent to children in the Center “Uzin”. Nowadays, orphans who live here will be protected from winter epidemics and viruses and will meet New Year’s Eve holidays healthy.
Thanks again to everyone who responded to our call to help children to make a small contribution to the satisfaction of children’s needs, for your kind heart! Let the cup of the giver be always full!


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The Orphanages Assistance Program

In late September, the fund, in terms of the Orphanages Assistance Program, together with the bank “Clearing House” carried out a charity event to supply orphanages of Donetsk region with fruit juices. Nowadays, the material-technical base of the orphanages is very poor. In addressing this problem, effective measures are necessary, which is why we have included this issue in the charity program of the foundation. It is in our power to do our best to let orphans grow up and become full members of society, and not to let a tragedy – being left without a family – impose a mark on their future life. Not to let them end up in prison and prostitution (and according to statistics, more than 50% of the former orphans cannot find a place in life and get it there), not to let them get angry with the adult world and let them feel at least a little bit happier and more carefree.


Orphanages are a social environment of personality for many thousands of children in our country. The main problems arise in these children after they come of age, when they come into the other life, the other conditions, to the other team. The problem of social security, psychological preparedness for adult, independent life is a very serious problem. The Orphanages Assistance Program was created as an attempt to help overcome the arising barriers. We are perceived by children as representatives of a distant, somewhat unreal world with other problems and interests. These meetings contribute to achieving such a necessary adaptation of orphans to the world around them, going beyond a certain environment, finding new friends. We aim to encourage children’s pursuit of new knowledge. In addition, the organization of such events is also important for us as a reminder that all around us there are people in need of attention, help (but not self-pity). The Orphanages Assistance Program contributes to creating a tolerant attitude, a sense of social responsibility, developing citizenship among young people.

The Orphanages Assistance Program aims to unite all people under the auspices of good and help. Several times a year we will be making charitable visits to orphanages with developing, learning games, sports, tales, training, creative activities and, of course, always congratulating the guys on the New Year. As gifts we will bring books, toys, clothes and candy which are gathered by the entire city and region.

We always welcome new people and fresh ideas! If you are ready to give warmth of your soul and smiles to children, make new friends and get a lot of impressions – become a member of The Orphanages Assistance Program.

We are waiting for YOU!