History and mission

Dr. Bersenev’s International Charitable Foundation was created July 7, 2003. Its main goal is to raise funds for the financial support of rehabilitative, research and educational programs.

The programs of this Charitable Foundation are aimed at providing effective health care to those suffering from pain syndromes of neurologic origin. In addition, the programs attempt to help with the regeneration of the nervous system in children with persistent neuropathic disorders.

According to the official statistics from the Ministry of Health, more than 150 thousand children have stable neuropathological abnormalities in Ukraine to date. Each year the number of such patients increases by about 20 thousand. The majority of these children are brought up in families with such a poor financial situation, that they often can not even afford the necessary drugs, let alone travel to another city to get the expensive treatment.

Therefore, the establishment of the Foundation has made it possible for the compassionate individuals and companies to actually help sick children. Even though the account balance is not always enough to cover the costs of the treatment, Dr. Bersenev’s International Charitable Foundation has facilitated X treatment courses over the last 8 years. 84 treatment courses wee provided in 2009 alone, which means that 27 disabled children and 3 adults had received the treatment they very much needed. In 2010 the Foundation has paid for 53 treatmnet courses for 18 patients.

The pediatric ward of the Institute of Pain Problems treats children with various diseases of the central nervous system. The main group consists of the patients with various forms of cerebral palsy, as well as myopathy, Down syndrome, delayed psycho-speech development, mental retardation. The hospital treats patients from all over Ukraine and abroad.

The basis of treatment provided by the Institute of Pain Problems is a combination of complex therapy and neurorehabilitation, carried out through a series of manipulations. The medical methodology created by Dr. Bersenev is based on fundamental research. It was first tested over 30 years ago and is protected by 16 patents. Since that time it has proven highly effective in the treatment of 76 syndromes of spinal osteochondrosis, neuropathy of the nerve trunks, trigeminal neuralgia, pain syndromes of the internal organs, and the cerebral palsy. Most of more than 60,000 patients of the Institute of Pain Problems recovered and returned to active life. The popularity and effectiveness of Dr. Bersenev’s technique are extremely high. After all, various neurological diseases relate to almost every fifth citizen of Ukraine one way or another.

Despite the fact that the use of metameric technique provides a significant economic impact, reducing the duration of the treatment and returning the patients to active life and work, there is no real interest in the development and implementation of this effective and promising method of treatment on the governmental level.

In the future, the Foundation intends to support further research in the field of neurometameric innervation of the human body, as the results already give us hope that the treatment of such severe genetic diseases as Down syndrome and myopathy is possible.