Treatment methodology

The metameric treatment method, practiced by the specialists of the Institute of Pain Problems, is based on the combination of local acupuncture with the introduction of micro-doses of biologically active drugs that stimulate the recovery of the nervous system. Injections are aimed at high-level reflex zones and contribute to the restoration of sensory, reflex and trophic processes in the affected areas.

The most important peculiarity of an injection is the combination of biologically active compounds with neurometameric acupuncture. Targeting the most biologically active zones it boosts the brain regeneration process.

Typically, injections are not painful nor unpleasant due to a well selected combination of drugs. It depends on the nature of the pathological process, the patient’s age, their personal reactions to the medicine, the history of other diseases.

All the drugs used in our clinical practice can be divided into three categories:

  1. Those capable of regenerating the nervous system (pathogenetic therapy)
  2. Those that help improve the metabolism of nervous tissue
  3. Symptomatic medication

Before the therapy begins, the parents of our young patients receive all the detailed information about the treatments and drugs used in the Institute. Each child is individually examined by Dr. Bersenev himself. He then decides on the possibility of metameric injections for this particular patient.

One metameric injections session lasts for about 15-20 seconds, during which time a microdose of drugs is injected into 10-30 points on the body. These sessions are carried out every day or two.

The treatment course is comprised of 5 sessions and is conducted every 3-4 months. The number of treatment courses depends on the severity of disease and the patient’s age.

After the treatment at the Institute is over, the patient’s relatives are left in charge. The parents receive a brochure with detailed recommendations on what, when and how should they do at home. 3 months later, the young patients are examined again, and the parameters for the next course of treatment are adjusted. The recommendations to parents are changed accordingly.

In general, the best therapeutic effect, that is complete recovery of the nervous system, can be achieved if the treatment begins during the first year of a child’s life. One can achieve considerable success if the therapy begins during little patient’s second year. Significant progress can be achieved if the child starts being treated by the Institute while being younger than five. Only partial success can be reached if the child is subjected to therapy between the age of five and puberty. However, much of the suffering the patient experiences can be alleviated even with a late start. Only the coordinated work of both doctors and parents brings about the desired results.