Международный благотворительный Фонд доктора Берсенева || 2012 || June

“Protect your back”


An original result of more than thirty years of scientific and medical practice of Dr. Bersenev was the release of the book “Protect your back. Thirty-three misfortunes of spine. How to protect yourself from them? How to get rid of them? “

Only one case out of 300 is the cause for spinal surgery. The remaining 299 patients should be put on their feet conservatively, without the aid of a scalpel. The methods of treatment to the development and implementation of which into practice the author has devoted nearly forty years are a guarantee of this fact. But the patient must make his own part of this healing journey. Especially in the aspect of disease prevention. In the words of a modern classic: “To save a drowning person it’s not enough to lend him a hand – it is necessary that he should lend his in response.” The author states: osteochondrosis can be totally avoided with elementary safety rules being followed. Читать дальше…