Международный благотворительный Фонд доктора Берсенева || 2012 || July

“Seven steps beyond the horizon”


The book by V.A. Bersenev “Seven steps beyond the horizon” was published at the expense of the International Charitable Foundation of Dr. Bersenev, as well as with the participation of the former Minister of Transport and Communications of Ukraine G.N. Kirpa. Georgy wanted this book to be considered as a humanitarian aid to families with a disabled child and therefore YOU, our dear reader, may at any time purchase it for free.

In the book by Dr. Vladimir Bersenev “Seven Steps to the horizon. Conversations about the causes of a child’s brain diseases, their prevention and treatment “, the author tries to popularly explain the reasons that lead to the disease, collectively referred to as cerebral palsy, to other ailments of the central nervous system. He tells about the secrets of the metameric treatment and explains why the key word in the new methods is the word “metameasures.” Читать дальше…