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Heavy Heritage of the War / New book by Dr. Bersenev

 тяжелое_наследие   We did our best again and issued for you, our dear readers, a new book by Dr. V.A. Bersenev «Heavy Heritage of the War: spondylosis, spondylarthrosis, osteochondrosis ” which is addressed to readers whose childhood was seared by the war.In the years when the body is growing and requires full- fledged nutrition, these people did not get enough proteins and fats.That’s why the “war children” are more likely to be pursued  by back pain. The author explained the reasons for ails and saturated the book with tips and advice: how you can try to correct spinal stenosis – a direct consequence of malnutrition in childhood.And as usual, you can get all the books of the author published by the International Charitable Foundation of Dr. Bersenev for free at:The Institute of Pain
1, Lysenko Street, Kyiv, Ukraine
+38(044) 238 22 31, +38(044) 238 22 33