Международный благотворительный Фонд доктора Берсенева || 2013 || August

“Beauty will save the world!”

  “Beauty will save the world?” – A very controversial statement, these words having been said by … “Idiot,” the hero of the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky. I’m sure that if there is still a chance to save our contradictory and unstable world, it can only be done by kindness. Not compassion, not a passive sympathy, but self-denial in the struggle for human healthy longevity, active opposition to manifestations of disease and pain. Such a carrier of kindness is by God’s grace doctor, humanist and stoic V.A.Bersenev. He created the International Charitable Foundation – a sample of warmth and unselfishness. To contribute to the work of this organization, to help it is a great honor and dignity.V.Fokin