Yalta is ready to cooperate with the Institute of Pain

Опубликовано 20/05/2013 в 10:06

фото встречиAt the invitation of the social organization of young people with disabilities “Together”, Yalta was visited by the director of the Institute of Pain, PhD, and a neurologist of the highest category Vladimir A. Bersenev. He was accompanied by the director of his clinic Anna Plavenchuk and the head of the “International Charitable Foundation of Dr. Bersenev” Victoria Cherednychenko.

The meeting, which was held on May 17 in Yalta’s executive committee, was attended by the City Council Secretary Sergei Ilash, 1st Deputy Mayor Olefir Alexander, director of the Yalta Center of social services for families, children and youth Jeanne Kislitsa, heads of medical institutions and Yalta activists of “Together.” The conversation primarily touched upon the question of charitable treatment of disabled children from Yalta according to the methods of Dr. Bersenev in Kiev as well as in Yalta – in Sechenov Research Institute.

The chairman of “Together” Valentina Valyaeva said that the work of clinic according to Dr. Bersenev’s techniques allowed returning to an active life more than 70,000 people; many children with cerebral palsy have caught up with their peers in the intellectual and physical development. He himself is the author of monographs and textbooks devoted to the pain and the age neuropathology; his discoveries are protected by 16 patents!встреча в ялте

The Institute of Pain collaborates with leading specialists in Ukraine and the CIS, with reputable clinics in Switzerland “Zhenole”, “Grangettes”, and «Beaulieu”. A charitable fund programs are aimed at providing a secure and effective medical care to large families and low-income families raising a disabled child, and financial support for rehabilitation, scientific and educational programs.

The secretary of the City Council Sergei Ilash assured visitors that Yalta authorities are ready to fully cooperate with the institute as the implementation of this project will be directed not only to the benefit of sick children, but will give the opportunity to realize the potential of Sechenov institute . At the meeting the suggestions from all interested parties on the implementation of the charity project were listened to and a mechanism for cooperation was decided to be developed. As a gift to a city library named after A.P. Chekhov, the guests presented a set of books of Dr. Bersenev that, in fact, are very useful aids for patients.

And then Dr. Bersenev met with the residents of Yalta in the house-museum of A.P. Chekhov, where he not only gave an interesting lecture but also answered the citizens’ questions.

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